Master Plan

Belle Vue Chalets Project Overview
Belle Vue Chalets Project Overview

Welcome to Belle Vue Chalets, Giving serenity a new meaning.

The tranquility of the mountains is an open invitation, inviting you to live life in harmony with nature. The fresh air rejuvenates you with every breath, life is good! Take a stroll along lush green mountain sides and soothe your senses or indulge in adventure sports for that adrenaline rush. Gather your thoughts; plan that day trip to the jungle on a safari, as you set sail across the seven lakes.

Drop anchor at places of convergence of people from different walks of life. Come back home, enjoy a cup of tea in your backyard and soak in the golden rays of the majestic sunsets. Take that special someone for a candle lit dinner to a fine dining restaurant nearby on a full moon night or just think of yourself as a wanderer, bar-be-queing the fresh produce of the land under the blanket of a million stars in the night sky.