about us

Tranquille Living Spaces is a niche Real Estate Development company, with it's head office in Gurgaon. The primary goal of the organization is to create a differential experience for the discerning 2nd home buyers in India based on market research, understanding of the 2nd home market, collective experience and teamwork. 

Presently, Tranquille Living Spaces is focused on primarily three verticals.

  •    Holiday home / 2nd home communities
  •    Managed Senior Living communities
  •    Custom 2nd homes

What is Different at Tranquille Living Spaces?

The biggest differentiator at Tranquille Living Spaces is people. With a collective experience of over 75 years in various fields like Real Estate (India &USA), Real Estate Development , IT, domestic and international Product sourcing and procurement, Project Management, Entrepreneurial & other such Services our team understands what today’s Holiday Home / 2nd Home client expectations on service and deliverables are, and we work hard as a team to deliver beyond expectations. 

In short, we know the nuances of owning a Holiday Home or 2nd Home in India are, and we use our collective and extensive work, education, travel, lifestyle and social experiences to deliver personal living spaces that are out-of-the-box.

for more info please visit www.tranquille.in