Activities Around Belle Vue Chalets

Living at Belle Vue Chalets isn’t only about relaxation, or basking in the lush green mountains. It’s more than just enjoying the scenic nature around you, and this part of living in Belle Vue Chalets caters to the adventure and fun loving residents. 

Here’s a list of activities one can indulge in during their stay at Belle Vue Chalets: 

activities around belle vue chalets

Paragliding in Naukuchiatal: Naukuchiatal isn’t only about its pristine lake and lush green surroundings, but it is also a paragliders paradise. You can drive upto Pandegaon, just 4-5 kms from Naukuchiatal, this is the place from where you can paraglide. There are a few paragliding operators there, whom you can hire and there’ll be an instructor who’ll fly with you. However, before paragliding, be sure to check the safety aspect of the equipment that you’ll be hiring. Paragliding from Pandegaon will give you a great birds-eye view of Naukuchiatal and region surrounding it. 

Activities around belle vue chalets

Trekking: Belle Vue Chalets is itself surrounded by mountains, and there are a few trails that’ll take you to the top of those mountains. While hiking on one part of those mountains, you can experience a beautiful sunrise, whereas if you hike on the opposite mountain, you get to see some breathtaking sunsets. However that’s not all, there are some famous trekking trails near BVC. Like Nainital offers you a few great trekking options including tiffin top and china peak. 

Activities around Belle Vue Chalets

Kayaking and Nature trail in Sattal: Sattal is the closest lake hamlet from Belle Vue Chalets, known for its seven big and small lakes, Sattal is also great for those who’d like to take a walk through the jungles. Since, it’s still owned by Christian missionaries, Sattal is still devoid of excessive construction and thus, its forests provide a great opportunity for bird watchers. However, that’s not all, Sattal lakes are also great for boating, and more adventurous ones can also try their hands at Kayaking in Hanuman Tal, midst forests of Pine and Cedar. 

Activities around Belle Vue Chalets

Bird Watching in Pangot: Pangot is a small picturesque hill station located around 20 kms from Bhowali. It’s a bird watchers’ paradise, to say the least. It’s the laid back charm of Pangot that attracts most of the visitors here. However, the main USP is the birds of this region, as there are more than 150 bird species in Pangot, including blue winged minla, spotted and slaty backed forktail, rufous-bellied woodpecker, yellow throated Himalayan martens, Khalij Pheasant etc. You can visit Kilbury, which is the most famous place for birding in Pangot. One can also spot some wildlife in this region, or else you can enjoy several mountain streams gurgling through this region. 


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