Living in Mountains

At Belle Vue Chalets, we’ll be giving you a chance to call mountains your home. Lying in the outskirts of Bhowali, midst the lush green mountains of Kumaon region, Belle Vue Chalets are an opportunity to give yourself a change of lifestyle. And it’s really beneficial for you as well.

Living in Mountains

Here are few of the reasons, why you must consider shifting into the mountains: 

•A happier life: When you live midst the nature, MRI studies show that those parts of brain are activated, which are associated with emotional balance. Therefore, the more time we spend in the mountains, the happier we become than we are while living an indoor life in the cities. Living in the mountains can also drop our stress levels. 

•Physical and mental well-being: The Feng Shui practitioners have always claimed that the earth’s energy is at its highest level in the mountains. Hence, this energy usually has an enhanced effect on the emotional and physical well-being of a person. Here at Belle Vue Chalets, there are many points nearby, providing a 180 deg views from the mountain tops. The earth’s energy floods these spaces, and thus, gives you a rush of rejuvenating energy. 

•Pollution free life: Living in the mountains means constantly breathing in fresh air, and there’s nothing better that that. Not only the pollution free climate of mountains is good for your respiratory system, but it also helps in curing some of the breathing issues. The scent from pine trees present at high altitudes is also beneficial in improving your respiratory health. A walk through the Pine forests also helps in curing the depression and lowering down the stress levels. 

•Increased physical activity: What’s one thing that you’ll be doing everyday during your life in the mountains? Climbing up and down. It’ll be one of the most basic of the activities in your daily life at Belle Vue Chalets, but it’ll also be something that’ll make sure you’ll become fitter. The uneven terrain of the mountains, and the fresh air, which ensures that you don’t tire out easily, will give you a more active lifestyle, and thus, a fitter body. 


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